‘As an entrepreneur you get the clients that belong to you.'

So amazing the way Judith Webber's second book Kies en ze Kiezen jou (translated: Pick and they pick you) and Blanca Vergara's presentation during the OpenCoffee in April 2012 beautifully converged to the last sentence of my column in March 2012.

It is so true. As a fresh entrepreneur you would like to have the whole world as your client and you will notice soon enough that congruency does not happen to every one. It is just not only about what you would like to add to the market. It's all about the clients you wish to attract. 'Define your client, speak your clients language, meet your clients need.' It all sounds so simple, but it happens not to be so simple for everyone. It is merely about your willingness to stand in your favourite clients shoes.

As a mediator at Tara Mediation I meet many people who are considering to separate, have decided to separate or who already have been separated. One is in need of coaching, the other of mediation and another one might approach me for a mutual request for divorce. Three different approaches as well as three different clients to each approach.

As well at Tara Mediation as at The Social Connector I always have a free meet, greet and view consultation. General advice does not need to cost money. The client starts investing once I am being requested to render customized services. This free meet, greet and view consultation is an excellent opportunity to experience whether or not you and your client match for a possible entrepreneurial journey. If the sincerity and trust is mutual present for a vital connection, customized service can be rendered.

Should you and/or your client be missing this vital connection, plug into your network. Big chance a co-entrepreneur might be able to help out the client concerned. It's not only very amicable, but referring also creates a ripple effect. A client well served by your co-entrepreneur will tell others about how it all started: with you!

This article has been originally been written for and place in Dutch on Dit artikel is aanvankelijk geschreven voor en geplaatst op Oost-Online in juli 2012 in April 2012


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