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Collect your experiences and polish your plan

'If you have peace and overview in your private life, you can excel businesslike !' - Suzanne Hille

Last Monday June 11 at Ludwig Coffeebar Suzanne Hille gave a presentation about Professional Organizing with respect to the business plan.

During the interaction the business plan did not seem to be as axiomatic as it should be. Some had to start writing a business plan. Others did not 'feel' the necessity of a business plan. Some entrepreneurs mentioned they use the business plan as a guide line and some had not taken a look at their business plan for already 18 months.

I myself use the business plan as a manual. Every now and then (preferably each quarter) I check whether or not my plan(ning) is still congruent with my business as it is at that very moment. If necessary I do adjust my business planning wherever it is needed.

The business plan describes your entrepreneurial vision and mission.

For many starters the business plan is not their most favourite activity. Once the business plan is completed and they have started the business plan does not get the attention it requires.

And exactly at that moment is when it often goes wrong. In all theur enthusiasm the starters starts with anything and everything to establish their business and vision and mission are being forgotten.

Having a good business plan with a clear vision and mission is like each desired goal on a bucket list. Vision and mission where focus on and action with respect to prioritizing join a partnership for a joint journey.

Not so long ago I was coaching young lady who had just graduated. She wanted to start her own business, but wisely decided to collect some experience first. 'I just do not get it. I apply for almost any job and somehow I just don't seem to manage to find a job.' I told her about Arjuna, the great warrior and talented ambidextrous master archer in the Bhagavad Gita.

If you do know what you want use your the arrows, by aiming straight towards your goal. And even if you do not hit bulls eye, you're always closer to your goal than waisting your arrows by aimless shooting.

Once you have arrived at your destination collect your experiences and polish your plan, so your business plan can start a following journey towards a next destination.

Special thanks to Caecilia van der Drift paramedical natural health therapist at Wel-Zijn Wel-Zijn who sponsored the gift for the speaker this Open Coffee.


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