Crab mentality


'Ok, it is definite, I will write an article about the myth of the crab mentality next week. People like you are the definite proof that we do not pull each other down, but we help each other forward. Su, your approach inspires me from top to toe! '

I received this message recently from Mabel Nummerdor co-writer of Miss Marketing, whom I would love to help find an international publisher to publish her book worldwide in English.

When I get enthusiastic about something or someone, I want to share it with the whole universe. I love to help realize what I call 'their destined time frame of fame' and access the power of my network without a doubt.

People in general, women in particular should be INcluding instead of Excluding each other in these times of co-creation. Like Charles Ruffolo has taught me 'never exclude anyone!' Never allow yourself to be excluded, but claim your spot and stimulate another also to claim his or her spot. Co-creation is the most efficient when you realize the Oneness, that everything is connected. It's wonderful that people like Deepak Chopra have introduced Eastern Spirituality and Wisdom to the Western World and that the majority also in fact understands what it is about by applying it well. Tat tvam asi: See yourself in another and experience the Oneness.

This week there was a case that made me understand this originally Filipino expression 'crab mentality'. Obviously there are still some women who prefer travelling on a broomstick instead of travelling with their inner light. Of course, not everyone needs to be travelling on the same frequency as I do, but broomsticks are so out of date. Travel light!

Too bad to see, that there are still women who choose to stay in the crab basket based on unproven assumptions instead of helping each other to get out of the basket. Even worse, they allow themselves - without being aware of it - to be used merely for the self-interest of another.

This was my first introduction - at a distance though - to a common phenomenon well known to women: the crab mentality.

Good to know that the women that know me for real, know that I provide two kinds of ladders: one to help you reach for your stars and one to walk down to the depths of your heart.

Come on ladies, get out of that basket!


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