Do you fit your own vision

A few weeks ago I was invited to celebrate a birthday with a serious high tea at the Dutch Castle Zeist. The birthday lady had invited some other ladies. A small group with a huge sense of humour. Ofcourse this estrogenic gathering didn't omit any topic which normally would pass in review when women come together. Men, relationships, affaires, children and future planning.

The birthday lady was my Moluccan friend whom I had met in an unusual way. During a Queen's day party at the Dutch ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rome where everyone was enjoying typical Dutch 'bitter balls' and 'haring' with a profound nostalgia, she and her band were responsible for the musical setting of this Orange day.

She had come to Italy to work for a big company, but clearly felt she needed to create space to allow her soul to express itself. Courageously, determined and confident she exchanged her career as an employee for a career as a jazz singer. A choice she has not regret till today.

As of that moment we became friends and soon after we found out we had a lot of acquaintances in common. Like on her birthday high tea: an American professional singer, I had already met through a network event in The Hague more than a year ago. The coffee date we planned to have then was happening now, about 18 months later.

Everyone at the table was doing in their daily life what they always loved to do, call it passion, a soul's expression, following your heart . . Consequently we got to the topic entrepreneurship. We shared what we are doing and will do to keep improving ourselves. Following trainings, workshops, courses, to polish your self-value and to make it shine brighter, so more people will notice. We also talked about our experiences with talented people who we wish the best, but who, some way or the other, are afraid to show themselves. I am talking about gifted people with or without an education as a qualification. Qualification should stand for quality, an increase of value, right? I mentioned a column I had written for Oostonline before about: Self-worthiness determines the investment.

But soon I also realized because of the words 'If it's not in your vision, Don't make no decision' from a rap of Lyn Collins (Think), that it is also important to believe and to realise that you fit your own vision. Too large shoes or too tight shoes don't walk comfortable. The ladies present at this high tea fit their own vision. What about you?

This article has initially been written in Dutch for and placed on Oost-Online in October 2013


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