<h2>Discover your challenges and discover the talent of another</2>

The world has passed the end of a cycle on December 21st, 2012 and with vim and vigour we entered a new cycle. The year 2012 has been for many a special year. I leaf through my 2012 dummy note book with drawings, expressions of the soul, thoughts eternized with ink on paper and birth announcements of new concepts shared with Social Media or not. I had always planned to master the art of entrepreneurship, with authenticity as the core ingredient. And I am not talking about authenticity about which is spoken and written about so much, but the authenticity of that which only I carry within myself, an authenticity which I am and no one else.

My self esteem determined the clients investment and with it I knew to attract the clients who belong to me. After many years of resistance this has been the year in which I acknowledged that I too am a networker and I realize how valuable that is, even though I have my own way of using Linkedin. I have learned to only invest my energy in projects that return energy and with that I introduced the Energetic Return on Investment, the EROI. I have had the opportunity to meet the beauty of time and the friendship that came from it has shown me that when things don't happen as planned, the universe takes over my schedule and I can trust that it is good. I have discovered my own points of development and the talent of the other. What a space it gives to yourself and the other to show the best version of yourself! I have moved from sponsorship to partnership to contribute in a better way to a better version of the world. I have learned that strategy is a beautiful tool that is not only meant for boys who like to play with tin soldiers.

From my Indian background I have learned to greet the divine in the other with the divine within me. My eye catches a scribbling about the Aboriginal Butterfly dance ... . I realise that 2012 was the year f my personal Butterfly dance: how I have grown! For one year I have been busy with the 'why', 'how' and 'what'. The next year will be the year of the 'when'.

Namaste 2012, Namaste 2013.

This article has initially been written in Dutch for and placed on Oost-Online in December 2012


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