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Open Coffee 14 May 2012 Benedict time management

Remaining within the scope of time management the day started very well. Not only we had a delay, but in our hurry we also got a call from Denise Hulst, this Open Coffee's speaker, who had missed her train. Since some years I remain calm if there is any delay. What's the point of stressing, time will not run back and won't run any faster.

With a 15 minutes delay we finally arrived at Ludwig. Meanwhile the visitors of the Open Coffee entered. While displaying the winning envelope containing the coaching morning by Denise Hulst at your own working place and the 'you're a winner' - prizes I was notified that the bouquet of Bloemen op Locatie had not arrived yet. Thank Goddess, the phone was answered on their closed Monday. A small misunderstanding, they thought the event was in the evening.

Denise Hulst arrived and was welcomed cordially with cappuccino prepared with love by George, so she could take a moment to acclimatize. Shortly after also this amazingly beautiful bouquet of Bloemen op Locatie was delivered which was handed to Denise Hulst after her presentation.

What stuck the most of her presentation about Benedict Time management with the audience was the 'art of stopping'. The coaching morning was won by Michiel de Wijn (MIAX Branding & Design). The 'you're a winner' -prizes were won by Ludmilla Bertier Oliveira (a Brasilian Oracle Specialist with working permit looking for a new challenge), Jane Stephenson (Knowboundaries), Nick Heising, Natascha Wever (Casa Feliz Interieur advice & styling), Katja Mali (Katja Mali Photography), Doretti de Goede-Moningka (No limit Consulting), Casandra Salvo (Garlic Graphic Design and Consult agency), Caspar Veeger (Body Shift massage), Anne Galloway (Power to change), Peter Ebenau (Attentive Gifts) and Tim van Motman.

As a perfect closure all the visitors of this Open Coffee were given my favorite usem cards by the designer Gijs de Werker himself.

This time I also could go home with presents. Denise Hulst gave me a copy of her book 'Een volle agenda, maar nooit druk - Benedictijns Timemanagement' and four extra copies which can be won as a 'you're a winner'-prize the next Open Coffee.

A beautiful start of the week completely according to the schedule of the universe.

Special thanks to:

Denise Hulst - So great for having taken the time and coming to have a presentation about over Benedict time management
Bram Serré & Anchela Basant from Bloemen op Locatie for sponsoring the beautiful bouquet for Denise Hulst
Ellen Koppenol from publisher Nieuwezijds: thank you for the copies of 'ZZP 2012 ' and 'Wilskracht' Roderik Teunissen from Van Duuren Management: thank you for the copies of 'Gek op gaten' and Lonneke Sipos from publisher Thema: thank you for the copies of 'Focus op fans'

Here is an impression of the Open Coffee of 14 May 2012.


And those who could not attend the Open Coffee we've recorded the presentation by for you.

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