Let your heart describe and attract your ideal client

At the OpenCoffee Last Monday 02 April 2012 (because of Easter not the 2nd Monday of this month) Blanca Vergara held a presentation about how to have a profitable and heart to heart connection with your client.

Blanca Vergara's triple C-formule is Clarity + Convinction = Cash

Let your heart describe and attract your ideal client

Clarity According to Blanca Vergara a lot of independent professionals make the mistake by considering everyone as a potential client. Actually by pointing out clearly and specifically from the heart, you can describe your ideal client and thereby your ideal market. And your ideal market does not include everyone, but is smaller and closer to yourself.

The heart to heart connection with your ideal client is being realized by communicating in your ideal client's language.

Conviction It is essential that you yourself and your ideal client are convinced of your product/service. The ideal client does not just buy your product/service, but invests in a change of his or her life.

With the heart description of yourself and your ideal client you will attract your ideal client; the ideal client who is prepared to invest in him-/herself buying your life changing product/service.

Beside this very useful triple C-formula, Blanca Vergara gave away 3 Play Real Big Power Sessions. The lucky winners are William Ytsma, Nick Heising en Oxana Iachina. Congratulations!

Als aanvulling op dit fantastisch onderwerp voor ondernemers mocht ik ook 5x Laat jezelf zien! en 5x Kies en ze kiezen jou van Judith Webber weggeven tijdens de OpenCoffee.

You're a winner too: Blanca Vergara, George Sitanala, Benita van der Pasch, An Frieling, Peter Ebenau, Lucienne Marten, Suzanne Hille, Jolanda Jansen, Angela Kwakkel en Marjanne Hendriks. Congratulations and please do tweet @JudithWebber your experience or reaction to the book.

Caspar Rat from CAP Grafisch Ontwerpbureau has created an impression of the OpenCoffee and immortalized everyone with a copy of her book especially for Judith Webber.

The next OpenCoffee will be Monday May 14 2012. Denise HUlst will have a 15 minute presentation on Benedictine Timemanagement. Gijs de Werker the creator of my favorite usemcards will also come and pay a visit.


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