December already has arrived. 2015 is about to round up. I look at my 2015 vision board and read the plans I had for each month of 2015. Parts of my vision board have been activated, some have been achieved. And still I had a hard time to actually get started. For a while I was unable to put a finger on it. Was it my environment or was it just me? After some deliberation with myself I finally figured it out. How was it possible I could not have seen it before? I apply conscious language, positive language, but I realized that the words ‘planning’ for the month January were actually maladroit chosen. The words ‘planning to’ neither imply something negative nor positive, but it does imply to not do something or to actually do something. From now on I will use ‘resolutions’. It may sound resolute, but it brings forth vigour more easily, it brings colour and life to the plan that has been written. No more planning to, but having a plan, accomplishing a plan. Accomplished that’s the meaning of success.


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