Janaury is always fully booked. The beginning of the year is being ushered with lots of gatherings where you have the opportunity to wish each other a successful and happy New Year and where you just might an interested ear to share your plans for the new year.

My year planning is being done every year between Christmas Eve and Epiphany during the 12 (actually 13) Holy Nights. The Summer holiday and Christmas holiday are the moments of the year to reflect and plan action for me as a person and as an entrepreneur. This year four quarters are planned with beautiful projects which will have my 100% full attention, so it can unfold just like I envisioned.

All the New Years' receptions and kick off in January I used to consider a waste of my time. Hours spent there could more effectively be used to work on my plans, products and projects. However, this year I have experienced these gatherings within the scope of networking as a true added value. Other than the 'standard' network gatherings where you can come and network with a drink and a bite, with or without interesting speaker, the gatherings I could attend had a synergetic element. This synergetic element was added by workshops that provided the possibility to give more than you got. How wonderful to surf on the same frequency with like-minded people, meeting each other and each other's potential and converging to more beautiful insights and plans of action.

By nature I seem slower than a Diesel when it comes to starting. One calls me slow, another one prefers to call me mindful. I like to take time for everything. Be that as it may, January 2013 to me has been a perfect month for an easy start to meet others and put my valuable self into action.

I myself have used January this year very well to seed my plans, products and products in fertile soil. And if these seeds are welcomed with lots of enthusiasm, there is only one thing left to do: putting everything successful into motion!

This article has initially been written in Dutch for and placed on Oost-Online in February 2013


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