"Experiencing the world through endless second-hand information isn't enough, if we want authenticity we have to initiate it." Those were the first words entering my world when watching the snow board movie The Art of Flight.

The making of the movie took 2 years. In this movie professional snowboarders what is like to redefine the possibilities in the mountains. It shows the euphoria the snowboarders experience, when accessing unknown and untrodden fields with the necessary ups and downs, the fortune and misfortune.

Years upfront they had figured out to make a movie along with a list of sites they wanted to show in the movie with beautiful images of ice and snow in the mountains and their respect for the mountains.

They take along the spectator in the realization of their dreams. It has moments when things seem to 'slide' smoothly, but the movie also shows unforeseen incidents whether or not by trial and error. The work of the real 'professionals' is shown, like when they are testing the mountain to be certain that they won't end up in an avalanche and when their helicopter pilot leaves on autopilot during extreme weather conditions high in the mountains just to be able to come back to bring every one back into safety.

What does this have to do with being an entrepreneur you would wonder. Being an entrepreneur is daring, doing and sharing. Being an entrepreneur is always looking for possibilities. Being an entrepreneur is planning and taking into account that the unexpected might happen, being an entrepreneur is trial and order, being an entrepreneur is redefining, being an entrepreneur is meeting resistance and knowing resistance brings along the challenge to deal with the resistance properly. Being an entrepreneur is following your mind and/or heart. Being an entrepreneur is an experience. Entrepreneurship is art.

This article has been originally been written for and place in Dutch on Oost-Online in January 2012


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