Vitamin M

Living a successful day is possible if you just see to it that you get your daily required vitamin M. Vitamin M is the healthy motivation moving you towards your goal to achieve. Do you take enough vitamin M every day?

How often do you take a break?
Sufficient and healthy breaks prevent you from getting tired, it increases your resistance and your motivation. You are able to focus better, you will have less stress and you will work more efficient. By taking good care of your self and creating a healthy balance between work and your private life, you will not become an obstacle for yourself and you will nourish your success. So make sure that you take a break frequently during the day and that you schedule some dolce far niente days every couple of weeks. You don't need to take a holiday and leave the house. Just some days allowing everything including yourself to just be. You'll notice that it takes some effort to relax, but once you are relaxed ... . Breaks are full of vitamin M.

How often do you celebrate a success?
You don't have to wait till you have reached your quarterly targets untill you have had a good performance interview with your manager. Your success is already obtained in the small things you have achieved during the day. Success happens to be a collection of all these little things leading to success. Focused on the end result, we do not pay attention to the small successes on our road towards the end result. Were you able to check off your to achieve-list for today? Did you manage not to be provoked by your anything but favourite colleague and did you manage to remain centred? Did your client complement you on your job? Celebrate it and reward yourself proportionally. Standing still and becoming aware of your small moment of success and giving it the love and attention it deserves, provides an amazing vitamin M-boost.

How oftend do you measure your progress?
If things don't seem to work out and you have the idea that the road ahead takes so many more miles, turn it around. Don't look at the miles to go, but look how many miles you already have taken. This way viewing the end becomes more pleasant, just by looking back at the moment you started your journey. Everything you have achieved from the moment you started, all you have learned and done: all of it is progress. Looking back to become aware of your progress also provides a high vitamin M-value to keep going.

Are your nose, mind and heart pointing towards your goal?
Ofcourse your goal needs to be crystal clear, if you want to stay motivated. Set a deadline for the goal you wish to achieve. A deadline invites you for a powerful commitment. Don't place a big exclamation mark in your agenda, but draw a colourful bouquet of flowers or a champagne glass filled with bubbles. Visualize and feel every now and then what good will come forth by achieving that deadline. Doing your administration every day during one week does not only present you an organized office, but you will also become more proficient when it comes to doing you administration. Always keep in mind why you want to achieve a goal and why you add so much value to achieving that goal.

Are you alone when it comes to achieving your goal?
See to it that you have someone standing next to you who wants to achieve the same goal. Visiting the gym alone for example is a lot harder than visiting the gym with a sport buddy. A sport buddy can witness the precious effort invested and your determination to achieve your goal. A buddy is there for you and motivates at those moments when things don't seem to work out for you. Your buddy sees to it that you will refocus on your goal which you want to achieve so much.

How is your flexibility
You can't go to the gym because you got sick, you are too tired after work or something unexpected crashed into your schedule? Don't worry, chill! Take a deep breath and breath out long. Repeat this three times and then let it all go. Don't feel guilty because you couldn't go to the gym for 2 or more days. See to it that your goal is flexible enough so it can bend along with any kind of situation on your way achieving your destination. Flexibility retains your daily dose of vitamin M in case of emergency while achieving your goal. Be like bamboo, strong en flexible!

Are you enjoying the journey towards your goal?
Enjoy every moment working on achieving your goal in the now. There is no need to focus just on the end result or only on what you have done already. In the NOW yesterday and tomorrow do not exist. Yesterday is already gone and the future will come towards you unfolding itself with every step you take in the NOW. Achieving a destination successfully is mostly applauded by many, but only those who have achieved this success are aware of the added value of the journey towards it.


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