Planning to do something …

December already has arrived. 2015 is about to round up. I look at my 2015 vision board and read the plans I had for each month of 2015. Parts of my vision board have been activated, some have been achieved. And still I had a hard time to actually get started. For a while I was unable to put a finger on it. Was it my environment or was it just me?

The woman I work for

With a renewed website thanks to graphic designer Carlo Carlos A. Rat and photographer Cristina Stoian the time has come to introduce you to the woman I work for.


For a while now I have another top job: motherhood. Showing the best version of myself as a mother is now on top of my daily to be list. I have already been aware of motherhood being a grateful but also challenging part of life. The challenge only became bigger when combining it with my attention for my three companies. I had scheduled everything in my head and on my calendar. Eventually I remembered my late father's wisdom: 'Any human being gets what he can carry ...' and also with respect to motherhood I have applied my most practiced rule of life: surrender. Because all the wanting and planning, gave stress and even more fatigue. Gratitude to the gods and goddesses to have finally reached calm waters as a 'business mom'.

Do you fit your own vision

A few weeks ago I was invited to celebrate a birthday with a serious high tea at the Dutch Castle Zeist. The birthday lady had invited some other ladies. A small group with a huge sense of humour. Ofcourse this estrogenic gathering didn't omit any topic which normally would pass in review when women come together. Men, relationships, affaires, children and future planning.

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Crab mentality


'Ok, it is definite, I will write an article about the myth of the crab mentality next week . People like you are the definite proof that we do not pull each other down, but we help each other forward. Su, your approach inspires me from top to toe! '

I received this message recently from Mabel Nummerdor co-writer of Miss Marketing, whom I would love to help find an international publisher to publish her book worldwide in English.

When I get enthusiastic about something or someone, I want to share it with the whole universe. I love to help realize what I call 'their destined time frame of fame' and access the power of my network without a doubt. 

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When insecurity pays a visit

As an intuitive business coach I meet a lot of entrepreneurs dealing with the questions like whether or not they are on the right path or whether or not they should continue because of the economic crisis and the decrease of income that came with it.

As the Chinese character crisis also means opportunity, I also see this economic crisis as an opportunity. Even though you are an expert unable to find your way through the big forest crowded experts towards a customer, always remember none of us are the same. Trust your uniqueness.

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Ready steady go


Janaury is always fully booked. The beginning of the year is being ushered with lots of gatherings where you have the opportunity to wish each other a successful and happy New Year and where you just might an interested ear to share your plans for the new year.

My year planning is being done every year between Christmas Eve and Epiphany during the 12 (actually 13) Holy Nights. The Summer holiday and Christmas holiday are the moments of the year to reflect and plan action for me as a person and as an entrepreneur. This year four quarters are planned with beautiful projects which will have my 100% full attention, so it can unfold just like I envisioned.

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'Namaste 2012, Namaste 2013'


The world has passed the end of a cycle on December 21st, 2012 and with vim and vigour we entered a new cycle. The year 2012 has been for many a special year. I leaf through my 2012 dummy note book with drawings, expressions of the soul, thoughts eternized with ink on paper and birth announcements of new concepts shared with Social Media or not. I had always planned to master the art of entrepreneurship, with authenticity as the core ingredient. And I am not talking about authenticity about which is spoken and written about so much, but the authenticity of that which only I carry within myself, an authenticity which I am and no one else.

My self esteem determined the clients investment and with it I knew to attract the clients who belong to me. After many years of resistance this has been the year in which I acknowledged that I too am a networker and I realize how valuable that is, even though I have my own way of using Linkedin. I have learned to only invest my energy in projects that return energy and with that I introduced the Energetic Return on Investment, the EROI. I have had the opportunity to meet the beauty of time and the friendship that came from it has shown me that when things don't happen as planned, the universe takes over my schedule and I can trust that it is good. I have discovered my own points of development and the talent of the other. What a space it gives to yourself and the other to show the best version of yourself! I have moved from sponsorship to partnership to contribute in a better way to a better version of the world. I have learned that strategy is a beautiful tool that is not only meant for boys who like to play with tin soldiers.

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Discover your challenges and discover the talent of another

Discover your challenges and discover the talent of another

Recently I gave a business coaching session to a young lady who is about to start her own business as a foot reflexologist. She is so excited to start her own business. As a single mother she has trouble with some entrepreneurial issues.

Some issues can be considered challenges and some issues are a subject to someone else's talent. After a moment of filtering the administration of her company was definitely someone else's talent. Still there was some tension. 'It sounds really great, but I do not have the money to pay that yet in the beginning.' I explained to her that the first thing she needed to find out was her budget and who would be fit to do her administration according to her budget. Doing the simple administrative things saves time and therefore the costs for having someone take care of your administration.

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'Time does not exist, only those in a hurry know time.'

‘Time does not exist, only those in a hurry know time.’

'Easier said than done!', I can hear the average entrepreneur thinking.Nevertheless, it is a self-evident fact.

While most people are rushing off by bus or tram to their daily duties, everyone takes all the time to arrive at the airport in time for a well deserved holiday.

This same feeling and this same rythm can also be applied to your daily entreprise. Because, everyday there are new destinations to arrive to. Whether that is an appointment, an assignment or an administrative task, schedule your moments to check in and to check out with the right preparation.

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A sun salutation to entrepreneurship


I am always looking forward to the month of August. Besides being my birth month, it is also my holiday time. During this summer month business is definitely not standing still, but there is absolutely some activity behind the screen. How enjoy having a low profile during this period.

August is perfect to 'take' time to relax. Off-line and unplugged activities can be scheduled abundantly. Staying away from e-mail and social media is a true challenge the first days for someone with a very busy social life on-line. But once peacefulness is admitted, from that peaceful position looking back is possible, specially to the first 6 months of this year. Questions like 'what is going well?', 'what needs improvement?' and 'what can be left out?' can be received, researched and responded.

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Protecting your Linkedin connections is not 'social'

Linkedin started in co-founder Reid Hoffman's living room somewhere in 2002. Linkedin officially launched on May 5, 2003 and already had 4500 members at the end of that same month. End of March 2012 the meter showed 161 million members and every second 2 new members join Linkedin.

The company is publicly held and has a diversified business model with revenues coming from hiring solutions, marketing solutions and premium subscriptions.

I myself use Linked already for about 8 years. I remember clearly not everyone being thrilled to become a Linkedin member. Nowadays there are only few in my closest circles who don have a Linkedin account. I use Linkedin as my personal on-line business data base. During my corporate career Linked in was an ideal tool to access and approach all contacts everywhere in the world.

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Networking, a way of life

charles rufollo the networking

Someone once told me 'You really are a networker'. People who know me, know that I do not like networking. I can hear you laugh, because how can someone organizing events not like networking? It's true, it sounds weird, but is really true. I happen to be more interested in the person wearing the mask with the service rendering company logo. It's the personal connection that will make me remember, approach or refer this person.

I love to connecting people, like with the OpenCoffee. That is what The Social Connector is all about. I meet people and automatically I run through the folders in my brain to see if there is any one I could introduce him or her to, but networking myself ...?

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7 principles of entrepreneurial partnership

7 principles of entrepreneurial partnership

I had been invited by CRAVE Amsterdam as one of the speakers for the CRAVE Chat to talk about my view and experience on entrepreneurial partnership. During this chat I shared my own principles of partnership, collected during my years as an entreprenesse. As promised I have written them down for those who attended and those who did not but would love to read about it too. These 7 principles I have created myself during my years of experience as an entrepreneur.

Pick your partner(s) like you pick your fruit My dad used to tell me 'Pick your friends like you pick your fruit' when I was making friends as a child. As an adult and as an entrepreneur I have used this as my first principle for partnership. It’s not about squeezing, it’s about meeting your taste, your flavour, your nutritional value. When these are being met as a basic ingredient, as an essential, a colourful and tasteful partnership becomes a possibility.

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The art of entrepreneurship

“Experiencing the world through endless second-hand information isn’t enough, if we want authenticity we have to initiate it.” Those were the first words entering my world when watching the snow board movie The Art of Flight.

The making of the movie took 2 years. In this movie professional snowboarders what is like to redefine the possibilities in the mountains. It shows the euphoria the snowboarders experience, when accessing unknown and untrodden fields with the necessary ups and downs, the fortune and misfortune.

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Vitamin M

Living a successful day is possible if you just see to it that you get your daily required vitamin M. Vitamin M is the healthy motivation moving you towards your goal to achieve. Do you take enough vitamin M every day?

How often do you take a break? 
Sufficient and healthy breaks prevent you from getting tired, it increases your resistance and your motivation. You are able to focus better, you will have less stress and you will work more efficient. By taking good care of your self and creating a healthy balance between work and your private life, you will not become an obstacle for yourself and you will nourish your success. So make sure that you take a break frequently during the day and that you schedule some dolce far niente days every couple of weeks. You don’t need to take a holiday and leave the house. Just some days allowing everything including yourself to just be. You’ll notice that it takes some effort to relax, but once you are relaxed ... . Breaks are full of vitamin M.

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The Social Connector OpenCoffee

Collect your experiences and polish your plan

'If you have peace and overview in your private life, you can excel businesslike !' - Suzanne Hille

Last Monday June 11 at Ludwig Coffeebar Suzanne Hille gave a presentation about Professional Organizing with respect to the business plan.

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open coffee amsterdam

Open Coffee 14 May 2012 Benedict time management

Remaining within the scope of time management the day started good. Not only we had a delay, but in our hurry we also got a call from Denise Hulst, this Open Coffee's speaker, who had missed her train. Since some years I remain calm if there is any delay. What's the point of stressing, time will not run back and won't run any faster.

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‘As an entrepreneur you get the clients that belong to you.'

‘As an entrepreneur you get the clients that belong to you.'

So amazing the way Judith Webber's second book Kies en ze Kiezenjou (translated: Pick and they pick you) and Blanca Vergara's presentation during the OpenCoffee in April 2012 beautifully converged to the last sentence of my column in March 2012.

It is so true. As a fresh entrepreneur you would like to have the whole world as your client and you will notice soon enough that congruency does not happen to every one. It is just not only about what you would like to add to the market. It's all about the clients you wish to attract. 'Define your client, speak your clients language, meet your clients need.' It all sounds so simple, but it happens not to be so simple for everyone. It is merely about your willingness to stand in your favourite clients shoes.

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Let your heart describe and attract your ideal client

At the OpenCoffee Last Monday 02 April 2012 (because of Easter not the 2nd Monday of this month)Blanca Vergara held a presentation about how to have a profitable and heart to heart connection with your client.

Blanca Vergara's triple C-formule is Clarity + Convinction = Cash

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Ethnicity as a path to the realization of your ideals as a human being

During my college years and my career I was easily labelled ‘ feminist’ and ‘ very emancipated’ . In the meantime I have grown older and wise enough to consider such kind of labelling a s a sign of laziness as well as a lack of decency to give a person space to be who they really are.

I have nothing against feminism neither against emancipation. I acknowledge the history of both and am very aware of the way paved by them to provide be space to be a woman.

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Self-worthiness determines the investment

The Social Connector advises those who are considering to start as an entrepreneur, those who recently have started as an entrepreneur and those who have been entrepreneur for some years already. My own experience during my personal journey as an entrepreneur inspires and helps others as their experience inspires and helps me.

Als The Social Connector adviseer ik mensen die overwegen voor zichzelf te beginnen, onlangs zijn gestart en ondernemers die iets langer bezig zijn. De ervaringen opgedaan gedurende mijn persoonlijke reis als ondernemer inspireert en helpt anderen alsook hun eigen ervaringen mij.

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