As if I was looking into a mirror

Last year I got reconnected through Geert Kimpen with a friend from kindergarten and grammar school, Yvonne Zwanenburg, better known as the beautiful singer Yvon Tuinte. Somehow we did not get the chance to see each other irl, until a tweet from Yvon appeared in my time line. She was booked to play in Amsterdam during Judith Webbers new book launch and she wondered if I would come too. I answered I would try to be there, but I of course I planned to go anyway. I just love to surprise people.

Not long after the tweet Cristina Stoian from Crave Amsterdam invited me to join a CRAVE Chat. Its always nice to be invited by such a great organization like CRAVE Amsterdam, but also this time I answered I would do my best to attend this chat. This time not because of any plan to surprise anyone, but because of activities for Tara Mediation .

The theme of this CRAVE chat was about collaboration vs competition. I arrived later but just in time to listen to the experiences of the speakers of that evening, Sarah Fraser from Happiness Express and Judith Webber from Pure Human.

Competition has never been my cup of tea, I never have understood anything about competition. I prefer to work together or to work alone, but not because of competition. I do not see others as competition, but as others with other talents and other passions. Talents and passions which are interesting to me or absolutely not. Thats why I have always felt different in the many companies I have been able to experience from the inside. When told that my curriculum could be considered like job hopping, I would answer that I interpreted it differently: I just happened to be there where I was needed at that particular moment.

I have always been a lady who knew exactly what she wanted and also did what she wanted. I was admired for it, but at the same time I could not understand why that was so admirable.

And there sat Judith Webber at this big table at the House of Fashion in the heart of Amsterdam, telling her story. As if I was listening to myself, as if she was reading out loud all my twirl thoughts written down in this already for years stored away diary, as if I was listening to someone who came from the same planet as I do. People are like mirrors, but a mirror as clear as this one I havent met before.

Festive and intimate the beginning of Spring, Judith Webbers birthday and the book of her second book Kies en ze kiezen jou [Choose and they choose you-translation TSC] were celebrated. Personally I had an extra reason for a party, because I would meet my friend from kindergarten and grammar school again after 30 years. I have met such beautiful people. I guess all of them fit Judith Webbers click profile: people who are open-minded, courageous and willing to give meaning to life.

I purchased her first book Laat jezelf zien! [Show yourself  translation TSC] as well as the second book Kies en ze kiezen jou and just nodding I turned each page. It was not just recognition, but she was able to point out to me with these two books why I do something just because I want to do it and why this is not so axiomatic for everyone else.

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