Big Magic – Creative living beyond fear

I made an agreement with myself not to buy anything at the Dutch V&D now the end of this store chain was near. I had my first job as a young teen at V&D. During shopping nights, on Saturdays and during the holiday you could find me at the lingerie department, the new-born department or the school campus.

Because the temperature was unexpectedly rising and I didn’t bring suitable shirts with me I did enter the shop to buy a t-shirt after climbing the Martini tower. To avoid the crowd of the bargain hunters I went to find a cash register in the basement where a book seemed to whisper my name: Big Magic.

The cover is already energizing and the content touches, mirrors and inspires. Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust and Divinity are put on stage in the spotlights with Gilbert’s story in order for us to recognize their part in the creative process. Big Magic is highly recommended to those who get stuck one way or the other in manifesting their creativity. Even more touching, mirroring and inspiring are the podcasts Magic lessons emphasizing even more that the obstacles creative artists can run into are universal.

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Podcast Magic Lessons Listen here to the podcasts Magic Lessons.


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