Blue bananas

The very first time I heard this title; I couldn’t help but think of the Smurfs. What kind of food in this world, apart from Smurfs ice cream, has a blue colour after all?

I‘ve had the privilege to listen to Wouter de Vries Jr., one of the writers, during an entrepreneurial event organised by the Dutch Rabobank. Shortly after on Valentines’ day 2014 his book ‘Blue bananas’ slid into my mailbox and ended on my already huge to-read pile.

Blue bananas reads as comfortable as listening to Wouter de Vries Jr’s experiences in service marketing management. Here and there are some musical introductions which surely will stick with you for a while.

In 5 chapters and with at least 29 useful tips the reading service provider is invited in a ‘blue bananas’ – way to reflect and take action.

We all want to shine with our unique core skills and distinctive character. Writers duo, Wouter de Vries Jr. & Thiemo van Rossum, provide us the tools for this: Needs, Promise, Experience and Prove.

Would you also love to be a blue banana and you still haven’t figure out how? Ask the writers to write an English copy as there is only a Dutch copy available. In case you do read Dutch: Order your copy here.


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