Gek op gaten - Ontdek wat klanten écht willen! by Jos Burgers (Dutch)
(editorial translation Mad about holes, discover what customers really want!)

gek op gaten

People often think that customers are just looking for products and services.But those who study what customers really want, discover that customers primarily need solutions. Solutions providing pleasure or solutions removing their 'pain'. To illustrate this essential difference, Jos Burgers uses in this book the striking metaphore of drills and holes. The drills represent the products and services provided, the holes represent the needs and wishes of your customers.

In Gek op gaten Jos Burgers describes in a playful and witty way what customers really want. Based on clear and appealing practice cases he shows the importance of putting yourself in the customer's position and being customer driven. And that it requires employees tp be flexible, proactive and reliable. Employees who are sincerely interested in their customers, willing to help them with pleasure and thinking along with them. Because customer driven employees like no other are capable of building a bridge between drills and wholes!

How enjoyed reading this book. The practice cases, the questions asked and the hilarious drawings invite you to reflect. A beautiful way to check for a moment what is going well and what can be better in your business. A book congenial and quick to read and here and there a take away recipe is given, like the abc (attention, being considerate and compliments) and the three themes of Albert Heijn's fan program (welcome, assist and inspire).

Do enrich your book-case and invest in this book 'Gek op gaten - Ontdek wat klanten écht willen' (no English version available (yet)) by ordering your own copy now. If you want to improve your Dutch this book is easy to read.


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