Did it ever happen to you? A pile of books is waiting to be read and one book seems to call you constantly. Usually when I am in a bookstore I just follow my intuition and pick the book which calls my me.

The book calling me this time was sent to me by publisher Elikser. The scream for attention was sol oud that I decided to change the order of books I have to read and starting reading this one.

The first time I closed the book, I realized that the first 143 pages pulled me without any effort into the world of the writer Isabella Sophia. I recognized her life and the words describing the events.

The book also had a magical effect. After reading a chapter for example something would happen in my personal life which connected well to that chapter and sometimes something happened first and was described afterwards in the book.

Soul connection is the first part of Isabella Sophia's journey to unity. This first part is one which many can relate to. Meeting expectations from others, breaking lose and walking your own choosen path together with the consequences part of it, read like a well kept hidden diary.

Isabella manages to describe with Soul Connection the connection of the soul with the soul of all that lives in situations many can relate to.

Her travel journey resonates on several layers: it manages to trigger the emotional, psychological and spiritual layers.

Towards the end of the book I had my moments of getting rid of the book. The verb 'to invite' and the noun 'invitation' was written so often in a row that I felt invited to close the book at a certain moment. 'To invite' or 'invitation' have such an exceptional valuable meaning, especially in a spiritual way. By reading the verb or the noun so often it seems that the beauty of 'inviting' is abused unfairly and loses therewith its valuable meaning for no reason.

Would I read the sequel of Soul Connection? Yes I will, I certainly am curious, but hope not to be distracted by an unnecessary repetition of meaningful words.

Curious about Isabella Sophia's journey? Get your own copy of Zielsverbinding (only in Dutch).


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