The Seven Stages Of Money Maturity - George Kinder

Would you like to save money, but you did not manage do so till now? Are you being controlled by money and would you like to get in control of money? Do you have a lot of money but do you feel guilty about it? Does money leave faster than it came into your life? Would like to have your finance in order so you can truly enjoy your friend not being chained to money?

It's time to become money mature. The Seven Stages Of Money Maturity offers you 7 steps to money maturity towards your way to freedom. Author George Kinder guides you through each step.

He accompanies you to the ideas about money you've been given and your first experiences as a child with money. He takes you to your own memories, to that moment in which a certain understanding of money pushed you into adulthood. Kinder also asks you to examine your integrity towards money. You'll learn to plan, tools and practical tips are given.

In order to realize that insight means suffering being transformed into something essential and spiritual, Kinder invites you to make virtue a part of your daily life by developing the intention to act virtuously.

Your financial decisiveness will be examined. Once having passed these stages you can look in depth, inside and outside. This realization will bring you the inner wisdom of vision, which can only bloom once you are no longer blocked in our relation to money.

All these stages are finalized with warm heartedness, humility, a blessing which is given from one human to being to another human being, a fading way of economic distinction better known as Aloha.

Each stage is introduced with an insight whether or not contained in a poem. Recognizable situations and assignments are given, according to Kinder's recipe: knowledge, insight and decisiveness.

Whether you would like to examine your own money maturity or someone else's, be that someone in your private life or a client in your business life. The Seven Stages Of Money Maturity is an extraordinary book adding value to your life and your library.

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