The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

When I was called a Social Connector for the First time I wanted to learn more about that label and I was recommended to read The Tipping Point .

Each of has a role which is special because of that unique talent each of us carry within. With various examples Gladwell points out beautifully in The Tipping Point how a specific person at a specific spot in a specific moment can make an immeasurable difference. Whether you are a 'Social Connector', a 'Maven' or a salesman, all of us contribute to that magical moment in which a product, a service or a person becomes immeasurable trendy or interesting, like an epidemic.

Gladwell unveils to us in The Tipping Point the three ingredients responsible to cause an epidemic: the Law of the Few, the Stickiness factor and the Power of Context.

The Social Connector, the Maven and the salesman are infectious agents creating a trend, of course a certain level of wishing the best for the product, service or person is relevant. Then there is the Stickiness factor seeing to it that the trend is memorable (i.e. the Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson on fire – talking about a Tipping Point). The Power of Context shows us that 'epidemics are strongly influenced by their situation – by the circumstances and conditions and particulars of the environments in which they operate'. The Power of Context also shows us that the way we at can be affected by even the smallest and subtlest and most unexpected of factors.

For the reading entrepreneur this is a very interesting book. The Tipping Point also covers the phenomenon of the word-of-mouth epidemic. A topic which can be very useful in the world of social media.


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